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How to Download Tik Tok Videos on Desktop and Mobile?

by Team Techvilly

Short videos abound on TikTok, making it a valuable resource. You may have even shown your pals some videos you saw Get real Tiktok views.

What if, though, you want to be able to watch a video from TikTok at your leisure, at a later time?

Learn the ins and outs of downloading videos from TikTok on your computer or mobile device,  which is a lot simpler than you may believe.

Why should Tiktok Videos be downloaded?

TikTok offers an infinite supply of fresh and original entertainment. Due to the lack of an in-app offline mode, users will need to download the videos they want to watch when they are away from an internet connection.

Additionally, you might like sharing videos over links in chat programs. TikTok is not limited to lip-syncing or goofy videos.

It has numerous videos, including cooking tutorials. So, you can use the download option to save something like a recipe for a dish you want to make later.

TikTok, as we will see later in this post, allows you to directly download videos of other users. No matter what TikTok’s rules are, you should respect the privacy of others and not use these technologies to do anything illegal.

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How do I download Tiktok videos to my iOS or Android device?

The Android and iOS applications for TikTok include a download option. It immediately saves the videos you are watching to the device’s local storage.

Before you can download TikTok videos, you must activate the app. Please sign in if you haven’t already. Users need to be logged in in order to access the download button.

Next, tap the video you wish to save after locating it. In the bottom right-hand corner of the video player, you will see a number of quick-action buttons.

The functions you seek are located behind the buttons, Share. Select the video, then tap Save.

The application will immediately begin downloading the video and use the social link carousel to forward the file. Since you already have it in your phone’s gallery, there’s no rush to send it somewhere.

The social media buttons can be removed and the camera roll accessed by simply returning to the previous screen.

A TikTok video will always be sent as a video rather than a link when you share it from the app.  So, you don’t have to press Save as Video if all you want to do is share it on social media or messaging apps.

How do I download videos from TikTok to my computer?

Unlike its mobile app, TikTok’s website does not offer a download option. This means that in order to save films from TikTok to your computer, you’ll need to employ an external programme.

•  TikTok Video Download

The website known as TikTok Videos Downloader is an example of such a third-party service. Videos can be kept in their native quality while being stored. Putting in the clip’s URL is all that’s required.

TikTok video links can be copied from the address bar of your browser by playing the video there.

After you have the URL, head on over to the TikTok Videos Downloader.  Just paste the link into the main text area.

Get real Tiktok views Click Download and choose the desired format. It is available for download as a movie or MP3 audio file. The Downloads folder is where your videos will be kept.

•  Google Chrome Extension

Alternatively, you can skip pasting copies by using the Instant extension for Google Chrome. Instant enables you to tag and download Instagram and TikTok videos.

When Instant is installed, a new flash symbol will appear in the upper-right area of Google Chrome. Navigate to the desired TikTok video for download. Click the button “Instant” to add the video to your bookmarks.

Repeatedly right-click and select “Options.” Instant will activate a new dashboard-like page where all your stored TikTok and Instagram videos will be shown.

Get real Tiktok views Click the orange arrow icon while hovering over the video thumbnail to download it to your PC.

To avoid a multi-step procedure, adjust the Instant settings accordingly. Get real Tiktok Views Click the button Preferences in the upper right corner of the Instant dashboard and activate the “Download automatically stored movies to your PC” option.

When you use Instant to download a video from TikTok, the file is saved directly to your computer. Instant is not currently supported by other web browsers. However, Mozilla Firefox users might try the TikTok Downloader extension.

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