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How to clean wooden doors

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If we look around us, wooden doors are present in many buildings. Homes, offices, and even some commercial establishments rely on this element to print a certain personality to the room. However, incorporating these elements implies carrying out very specific maintenance. And it is that knowing how to clean wooden doors in optimal conditions is essential. 토토사이트

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 Steps to follow to know how to clean wooden doors

Next, we are going to briefly and concisely offer what are the steps that we should not overlook when cleaning a wooden door and getting good results.

 Removes all surface impurities

This is basic. The passage of time causes wooden doors to accumulate dirt dust and other impurities. It does not matter where this door is located. Whether it is on a landing or outside, the material itself will be in charge of attracting that surface dirt. Therefore, with a soft cloth so as not to damage it, or even with a duster, we must remove any residue that we find. The aim is to prepare the surface to clean it more thoroughly.

 The door frame should also be treated

The door is not only the surface of it. The frame is also part of it. In fact, we could say that it is a very important part since it will allow it to be given a greater presence and therefore a greater attractiveness. With a slightly damp cloth, go over the entire surface of it. Here, pay close attention to the edges of the frame since they are the places where the most dirt accumulates. Special attention deserves the frames that are outdoors since the polluting agents of the cities not only dirty them but can even damage them.

 Knobs and handles before the final step

Knobs and handles are the other basic pillars of a door. We should also give them the attention they deserve. Of course, in this case, we can use products that incorporate more specific cleaning agents in order to restore their original appearance.

 Door surface cleaning

Now it’s time to clean the door surface itself. A process that must be carried out in the wood’s direction grain and that we can carry out following two main aspects.

  • We can carry cleaning out with natural products such as vinegar. This, together with the water, can be a good idea to clean in depth, and restore the color and shine that the wood originally had.
  • Likewise, other industrial products can be used, mainly made up of soapy elements that are not very aggressive but that are clean in depth. In addition, these products provide the door with natural protection so that it better resists the passage of time.

Now that you know how to clean wooden doors, you just have to choose the system that best suits your needs and your budget. The result will be practically equally satisfactory in both cases.

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