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Here’s How To Buy The Right Sports Shoes For Your Specific Sport And Needs

by Team Techvilly
Here's How To Buy The Right Sports Shoes For Your Specific Sport And Needs

Playing various sports and working out with the help of specific exercises is a significant part of many Indians’ fitness routines. However, people often forget to choose shoes based on performance needs in their chosen sport. Most people seem to believe that owning a pair or two of well-designed, comfortable, and stylish running shoes should suffice for all their fitness routines. It is important to note that running shoes are designed for a strong running stride, ideally very different from your movement patterns when walking, strength training, or playing popular sports like basketball and football. So, suppose you continue to use your running sneakers for activities they were not designed for. In that case, you will either end up lowering your performance or reducing the durability of your running shoes. So, below is a guide to give up some tips on How To Buy The Right Sports Shoes For Your Specific Sport and Needs.

1. Walking Shoe

Heel-to-toe is the ideal walking stride for the most efficient, supported, and comfortable walk. The closer to ideal your walk, the longer you can function to the best of your abilities. So, please ensure your walking shoes have some of the qualities mentioned below:

  • Supported Heel: Your sports shoes for walking should be able to secure your heels and yet provide agility for your ankles, so please be on the lookout for walking shoes with extra cushioning around the heels since that is the part of your leg that strikes the ground first and the hardest.
  • Flexible Toe-Box: The toe-box on your sports shoes for walking should be flexible. That is the only way to get the freedom your toe box needs to prevent injuries while walking.
  • Lightweight Uppers: Lightweight and breathable uppers enable your feet to regulate your body’s temperature properly regardless of if you walk outdoors or indoors on a treadmill. This also helps prevent any bacterial action.
  • Soles: Walkers can function efficiently with moderate cushioning at the midsole and moderate traction at the outsoles. Since walking is a low-impact and low-intensity workout, sports shoes with moderate midsole and outsole support serve walkers just as well.

2. Running Shoe

Runners usually choose how they like to run. Some runners start their stride at the forefoot, some at the midfoot, and others at their heels. Striking the ground with your heels can get taxing for the runner’s ankles and knees, so it is best to bend your knees if you strike your heels first.

  • Flared Heel: This type of heel provides extra support coverage for your heels, protecting them from great surface impact.
  • Midsoles: Well-cushioned but lightweight midsole technology in your running shoes also reduces the surface’s impact on your foot, especially if you strike first with your midfoot and keep your knees and low back safe from injury. Additionally, this gives your workouts longevity by keeping your movement patterns especially healthy.
  • Outsoles: Runners need fantastic traction since it is a fast-paced exercise, so they need sports shoes that provide security and confidence, improving their performance efficiency.
  • Low-profile Sports Shoes: These shoes ensure agility for your ankles instead of restricting their flow of forward movement. Additionally, they offer a very minimalistic and sleek silhouette.

3. Basketball Shoes

  • Heavier Body: Basketball players have to function very briskly with most of their moves on the court, like sprinting, jumping, and cutting their opponent quickly, so they need sports shoes that are not as lightweight as running shoes so their shoes can provide some much-needed grounding and stability.
  • Responsive Midsoles: As Basketball players, you must have sports shoes with cushioned, relatively stiff, yet responsive midsoles so you can be especially protected during your jumps and sprints.
  • Lateral Support: You will definitely benefit from sports shoes that can handle an efficient transition between forward and lateral movements in basketball, so you can have all the agility and flexibility you need.

4. Football Boots

  • Outsoles: Football boots with outsoles with studs on them give you incredible traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces, securing your foot patterns and allowing you to perform your best.
  • Uppers: A blend of breathable mesh and synthetic offers you a lightweight yet snug fit and adds the weight your feet need to stay grounded during your brisk movements.
  • Shoe-profile: A lineman would prefer mid-top sports shoes designed for football since they need more grounding and stability, whereas a striker would benefit from a low-profile sports shoe since they need all the agility they can get for their ankles.

Many more sports and types of exercises can benefit from specific sports shoes, like breathable and lightweight training sneakers with ample cushioning around your midfoot and a relatively sturdy toe-box that will serve you best during your strength training sessions. Similarly, you can benefit from sports shoes specifically designed for a strong grip at the outsoles so you can hike confidently even in low-light conditions. Follow some basic tips mentioned above and smartly buy sports shoes online so you can be supported while playing your favourite sports and improve your performance without trying hard.

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