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How to become an air hostess – Best course

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The most sought-after job opportunity in the aviation industry is that of an airline hostess. This can be done at higher secondary school or after graduation. Many young women dream of working as air hostesses. They can make a good living while traveling to new places.

This is a great opportunity for young girls to fly high. We have compiled all information about the air hostess training here. Continue reading to learn more about qualifications, training, application procedures, top recruiters, job function and other details.

“Stewards” are male applicants who choose to work as Air Hostess.

These programs are available for Air Hostess/Flight Stewards.

There are many courses for air hostess depending on how long the course is. Some applicants may enroll in courses that lead to certificates, diplomas, and degrees. This program will teach applicants skills and experience such as how to present themselves professionally, how you interact with people from different backgrounds, how do you create flight records, how can you offer emergency assistance in the case of a medical emergency, and how best to manage other crises. Below are the descriptions of the programs:

Degree Programs

These classes are recommended for students who are interested in continuing their education beyond the 12th grade. You will gain extensive knowledge and experience through a degree program. There are many universities that offer employment opportunities with well-respected airlines.

B.Sc. B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality, as well as BBA (Airport Management and Cabin Crew Training) are the names for the courses.

The program will run for three years.

Diploma Programs

A one-year diploma program is available if you are unable to live for three years. There are many courses available:

The course is called hospitality for air-hostesses.

Management of aviation and tourism

Global aviation and international hospitality management

Customer service, travel, and hospitality

The course lasts one year.

Cabin Crew Services provided by professionals

Certificate Training

These programs are perfect for people in dire need of work. Certificate courses are offered for those who wish to continue their training as Air Hostess after graduation.

The Name of the Section:

Air Hostess School

Travel Management and International Airlines

Management of aviation and tourism

Night Rating

Customer service, travel, and hospitality

Personality Formation

The course lasts 6 to 3 months.

Air Hostess Training Institutions

These are some of India’s top institutions for training and hosting air hostesses.

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics in Jaipur

Air Hostess Academy, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostesss, Delhi, Mumbai

Universal Airhostess Academy in Chennai

Jet Airways Training Academy, Mumbai

PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai & Bangalore

Institute for Personality, Etiquette & Grooming (IPEG India)

Avalon Academy, Dehradun

Air Hostess Application in 2022

There are many options for how to register. The institution offers two options for registering online. You can also pick up a registration form from the institution. Many institutes regularly visit schools to teach students about the program. You can speak to the experts to learn more about the application process.

Three stages are required for selection to the Air Hostess Program: a written exam, a discussion group (GD), an interview.

The Written Examination includes problems on intelligence, logic reasoning, mathematical ability and general knowledge.

Candidates who pass the written assessment are invited to the GD stage. Next, you will be tested on your communication skills, collaboration abilities, tolerance, and overall personality.

Interviews are conducted for the purpose of evaluating applicants. Interviews are used to assess your character and willingness to work in the aviation industry.

This is how the selection process works in practice. Some institutions might have a different selection process. All authorized training facilities for air hostess (DGCA) are subject to recommendations by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. According to DGCA norms, applicants would be eligible to apply for admission after they have passed a written exam as well as an interview session.

After passing the selection process, applicants must complete a 6-month training course (the training process might differ).

Additional Information on the Air Hostess Career for 2022

Responsibilities & Authorities

Depending on flight requirements, the work or tasks of an air hostess might vary. These are the essential commitments.

Obligations at the Ground (before the flight)

Responsibilities During Flight (during flight)

Responsibilities at Landing (after the flight).

Responsibilities in the Field

Before passengers board, an air hostess has to make sure they have done the necessary checks.

The aircraft is equipped with medical equipment and emergency gear.

The bathrooms are clean and sanitary.

There is plenty to eat and drink on the plane.

Passengers are welcomed and checked for their identity.

Assist passengers in transferring their carry-on baggage into overhead compartments.

Double-check that all occupants have their seat belts on when the seatbelt signal turns on.

Demonstrating how evacuation escape and emergency supplies can be used to help passengers.

Notify the pilot if the flight is ready to depart.

Responsibilities on an Airplane

You must ensure that all passengers have their seatbelts on.

Passengers receive food and beverages.

Offer duty-free merchandise

Important announcements for the pilot

Assistance in medical situations

In an emergency, assist passengers to get out of the plane.

Landing Responsibility

Create a list of stolen or found items

After landing, create a list of stocks and money left.

Recruiting Experts

These are the top recruiters looking for air hostesses.

Indian Airlines

Alliance Air

Air India

Sahara India

Fly Air

Jet Airways

British Airways


Gulf Air

Delta Airlines

Singapore Airlines

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