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How to Add Favorites on IPTV

by William

IPTV offers a variety of ways to watch TV shows. These include live television, catch-up TV, and video on demand.

Through the Favorites menu, users can store channels in a dedicated list for fast access. This feature also allows them to add external playlists in the Favorites list. To add a channel to the Favorites list, long press the Ok button and select the star-shaped icon in the bottom information bar on RC.

1. Go to Settings

Adding your favorite IPTV channels is easy. You can do this by opening the Settings app on your TV and selecting Playlists. There you can add a new playlist by entering an M3U URL or downloading a local file. Once the playlist has been added, your channels will be updated based on it. You can use several different IPTV services, but the best ones are usually premium and allow you to customize your channels.

To navigate through the Favorites list, press the Right button on your remote control. You can also select a particular station from either Live TV, Icon View, or Guide View. Once the selected channel is on screen, a Preference Menu with the buttons OK, Heart, and Lock will appear.

The channel will then be added to the Favorites list and a red highlight will show that it has been added. You can also remove a channel from the Favorites list by pressing F3 on your RC.

2. Press F3

To add a channel to Favorites, just press the F3 button on the remote control. A small heart icon will appear next to the channel name. Once you’ve added a channel to your Favorites, you can easily access it from the main menu.

During watching IPTV channels a user may add them in Favorites by pressing F3 key on RC. After that channels are available in a separate IPTV channel list window, where users are allowed to:

To start watching a channel from Favorites just choose it and click the play button. The channel will be displayed on the screen, and you can also find it in your Media Library for easy access later. You can also press the F3 button to remove a channel from Favorites. This is a convenient way to save your favorite channels for later. This is a great feature that will make your iptv experience much more enjoyable.

3. Select Favorites

Xtrix TV app is equipped with Favorite Function which allows you to make a list of channels that you are frequently watching. To add channels to a favorite list press F3 on the remote control.

Once you are on a channel that you want to add to the favorites menu just select it with your remote controls and then a star will appear. Now you can access that channel anytime you like without having to go through the whole channels list.

You can also add external playlists that contain single channels or entire channels groups to Favorites. You can start any channel (stream) from the favorite list using RC and return back to the list with “Back” command.

4. Select Add to Favorites

Favorite Function presents STB users the capability of instantly accessing pre-selected channels and programs. Users may add channels from internal or external playlists (m3u-playlist) into the Favorites list. To perform this task user should select the required channel and press F3 button on RC. After this the channel will be marked as a favorite.

To remove a channel from Favorites simply click the red heart icon that appears on the screen. When clicking this button again the system informs that the favorite has been removed.

During watching the required channel of IPTV channels menu an F3 key on RC is pressed. In this case an appropriate message regarding the fact that a channel has been added to Favorites is displayed. To exit this dialog user should click Exit on RC. When exiting this section the system reports that the Favorites list has been changed.

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