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How Do I Clean My iPhone Charger Port?

by Uneeb Khan
How Do I Clean My iPhone Charger Port

Sometimes dust enters your charging port and it stops working. iPhone users face the problem many times when the iPhone charging port is not working. There are three solutions that you can fix your charging port and it will start working.

How to clean an iPhone charging port?

The first one is compressed air 

Use compressed air in front of the charging port. If there is any dust or something in the charging port then it will come out. After that, put your iPhone on the charger again and see if it is working or not.

The second one is with a toothpick 

To try this hack be very careful one mistake and you will damage your charging port. Insert a toothpick in your charging port slowly and carefully. Trying to remove dust from there. After this use compressed air, it will help to remove the dust that you take out with the help of a toothpick. Now again try and charge your phone. If the iPhone won’t charge then follow the next hack.

Thinner and paper

Now roll a piece of paper and make it pointy then dip it in some thinner. After this insert it in the charging port and try to clean it. Thinner will help to remove the dust. After 5 or 10 minutes try again to charge. 

If you are still facing this problem then you must go to the Apple service centre and make them check what is the problem with your charging port. To keep your charging port away from dust there is not any option because no matter what you try whenever you put your phone in the bag or the pocket and take it out the iPhone on the road. The dust particles will get into your charging port. 

Once you take your phone to the Apple service centre and it will start working then you can do one of the hacks that are mentioned above you can use one of those hacks and can keep your iPhone clean from dust. By doing this there will be less possibility of the problem of the iPhone not charging. On Way Binary you will get more information about the iPhone and its related problems’ solutions. This article is of use and your iPhone charging port starts working. To read different articles and find different solutions to get informative knowledge readers are supposed to visit Way Binary. Thank you!

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