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How Can a Tutor Help Your Child Learn Better?

by Team Techvilly

Nowadays, tutoring is common as students struggle to manage their time and activities. However, there are various benefits of tutoring. It helps students to handle their tough subjects.

A responsible tutor can inspire their students without judging them. Pupils form a stronger and better bonding with such tutors.

Often, students enjoy working with their tutor more than teachers or parents. They feel more comfortable with a study coach and can freely communicate their issues.

Those students involved in private tutoring can enjoy a unique learning experience. These tutoring sessions can help them learn tough subjects like mathematics or science as they communicate with their tutor.

Those students who study within large classrooms rarely get the opportunity to speak or think about mathematics. The employment of various active learning tactics empowers students to learn better. This active learning engagement also increases their retention capacity on the subject.

The active learning procedure enforces students to reflect and rethink their activities. Such a motion is similar to a meta-cognition that bridges the gap between actual learning and the problems they face.   

Characteristics of learning

Learning is not any random or by-chance activity. Working on a student’s homework does not initiate the process. Research suggests that learning operates best within a conducive educational environment guaranteed by scientific proof.

Tutors shape their study skills with proper guidance and help with their problems. As a result, students can increase their academic achievements through the development of confidence and preparation.

  1. Confidence – Self-confidence reflects throughout the different aspects of a student’s life as they present themselves in the classroom. It offers them a strong base and self-reliance to achieve success. In addition, developing confidence helps them make better interconnections across complicated concepts.
  • Acceptance – A tutor’s accountability inspires students to continue their tasks and coursework. Students will complete their school tasks and homework when they no longer feel overburdened with the subject matter. Such inspiration helps them to remain prepared and deliver their homework before the deadlines.
  • Adaptability – Customizable tutoring options guarantee the proper learning method for your child. Both – slow-paced – individualistic students and toppers can benefit from such programs. Since every pupil’s learning pace varies, education over lectures might be ineffective. Candidates often wonder – who can write my case study for me? Hence, the course should continue, and the teacher should prioritize the stronger students.
  • Development – Tutoring can help students to catch up with study and work habits which might remain unattended in public schools. It helps them nurture their independence and behavioural and social skills within and beyond school. Tutoring teaches students to establish goals and allows them to work on a subject that is difficult for them. It encourages students to request aid and assistance from other people.
  • Responsibility – Students learn to take the initiative in their coursework by recognizing and taking action over their learning pace. Once they know better about the tutoring tools, they can seek maths coursework help on time. Tutoring builds a sense of responsibility in the learner’s mind and can manage their learning better with support. Students can now identify their strengths and drawbacks during skill development or learning.
  • Enjoy learning – With proper tutoring, students will enjoy going to school. Once students gain confidence from tutoring, they’ll enjoy attending their classes more often. It’ll help them be prepared and nurture a learning mindset. The personalized tutoring tools can increase self-confidence and help students become successful students.
  • Boosts confidence – Students can become more confident when they witness their success in different education settings (like school). Personalized tutoring can increase the confidence and self-esteem of a student.
  • Identify and solve issues – Sometimes, students can face challenges in their attitudes during learning. Tutoring identifies those issues and helps students to manage their learning problems with one-to-one counselling.
  •  Prolonged impact – Tutoring can help teach students about accountability, dedication and persistence in their school work. In addition, it will help them identify their personal developments and invoke a sense of responsibility in them.          

Characteristics of a tutor

Now, let’s check on the basic characteristics of an eligible tutor –

  1. Strong and personal student-tutor relationship – The personal relationship between a student and their tutor is critical to ensuring their academic success. Students can learn better if they can trust, respect and connect with their tutor.
  • Communication with parents and teachers – Tutors who are successful in their career plan and set benchmarks for their student’s progress. They collaborate with the parents and teachers to understand the student’s condition to plan their development.
  • Academic content experts – Successful tutors have complete knowledge of their educational content. They can teach their students about the various real-life applications of their subjects. Student engagement increases when tutors convert blunt school assignments into project activities for practical purposes.

Student’s condition while learning and their remedy

Now let’s see how you can remember better what you’ve learnt from your tutor.

  1. Pay attention while learning – The best way to remember your lessons is to become interested in your subjects. So try to develop your interest in the subject that you’re learning. It’ll help you to remember better.
  • Use your visual memory – You can improve your recollection capacity with better visual memory. The uniqueness of this memory type is that it registers impressions and images in your mind. Therefore, visual memory is beneficial in remembering information.
  • Design a psychological memory tree – Sometimes, you must memorize several elaborate details together. In this case, you can use a memory tree with several branches with different meaningful labels. Again, follow a rational approach as you organize the facts into complete wholes for better recollection.
  • Connect your present learning objective with your past knowledge – Research reveals that the increasing number of mental connections on anything can improve one’s memory. Learning techniques like mnemonics can be helpful in this case.
  • Write down what to remember – Most teachers believe that the best way to gain knowledge is by teaching it. Build a habit of writing down the facts. You’ll realize it’ll help you to improve your memory.
  • Summarize the individual paragraphs while reading – Reflect on them and teach yourself the same information as you keep reading. You can also create virtual scenarios with the concepts and re-imagine them for better memory.
  • Study mainly at noontime – A person’s memorizing capability relies more on the time they study than their period of perceived alertness. Therefore, the afternoon is often considered the best time.

These are some of the 8 simple steps you can follow to improve your memory.      


Proper tutoring can help your students get the right guidance to study and prepare for their examinations. They can achieve top grades in their final tests. Tutors can provide adequate learning support for your child.

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