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Hire Smart: The Growing Role of Personality Tests in Recruitment

by alberto

Today the Internet is filled with a wide range of job announcements and applications that guide people on their journey of finding a job with all the requirements and offers that suit them the best. For recruiters, it is a tough job to find the best applicant among hundreds of them. To make the recruitment process easier, employers make use of different tools. To have a successful recruitment result, the recruiters should follow the step-by-step hiring actions. Below you will find out more about the recruitment process and how it takes place. In this blog post, you will learn about personality tests and understand the relationship between personality tests and the recruitment process and the role of personality tests while hiring a new employee.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment involves the process of hiring the perfect candidate for the required position. The whole recruitment process is a combination of finding, identifying, and checking the knowledge and background of the applicants to make the final decision to hire someone.

The company’s size and the number of employees also matter as well, as the recruitment process requires professionalism and hiring experience, as the interviewers have to identify the best candidates among the applicants via interviews and tests. Nowadays employees make use of some recruitment tools, for better results, as the recruitment process consists of both online and offline actions.  The recruitment process is not a simple one-step process, it is rather a series of actions that require a recruitment manager or a group of people who are involved in the recruitment process. 

The Recruitment Process

Now, that you already have a better understanding of what recruitment is and what specific characteristic features are important for the recruiters and applicants to know. Now let’s clarify the recruitment process by breaking it down into smaller steps to understand how exactly the recruitment process takes place.

  • Name and Reputation

The first step of hiring an employee who will fully meet your requirements is increasing the name and reputation of your company.  The higher the visibility of your company the more the applicants are likely to choose your company. 

Job Description

The next step is the job description. You need to have a proper description of the vacant position, so the applicants will be fully aware of the job they are applying for. This will facilitate the recruitment process as the applicants will not have any misunderstandings or missed points connected to the position, salary, and so on.

Choosing Candidates

Having posted the job announcement, you have to choose among your applicants. This is not the last step, so even if you try your best to choose the perfect matches you may fail in some cases. That’s why in this step you have to choose carefully the candidates that are standing out from the others, but still, there are other steps you should complete for better results.


Screening is also an important part of the recruitment process as it gives a better vision of the applicants to the recruiters. Some employees prefer using 16 personality tests, video answers, and skills tests to sort out the candidates that are the best for the vacant position.


Still, the hiring process is not over, the recruiters need to organize interviews for the applicants that have gone through all the steps mentioned above. Interviewing the candidates is the process of having a face-to-face question-and-answer opportunity with the applicants. the interviewing process is beneficial in terms of having the chance to observe the body language of the applicants and identify whether they are being honest and truthful while answering the questions.


Having chosen the candidates that are a perfect match for the position, comes the part of the negotiation. This does not have to take place in every recruitment process, as the working conditions and the salary may be included in the announcement form. But in case there is the need to negotiate it happens after the interview when the employers have already chosen the candidates for the job.


Having completed the steps mentioned above, and having chosen the candidates that passed all the steps of the recruitment, comes the part of the onboarding of the applicants. The onboarding is a crucial part of recruitment, as it helps to understand the level of experience the employee has and the chances of integration into the staff. With professional onboarding, new employees will feel welcome and ready to do their best to learn as much as possible and to help the company’s growth.

Thus, the recruitment process is a complex, step-by-step range of planned actions. To have effective results in hiring new employees you need to follow the steps of the recruitment process and choose the candidates carefully.

Personality Tests

Personality tests are a good method of testing your abilities and skills. It is an effective way of identifying the individual’s personality type, their skills, and the way they perceive things. Personality tests are beneficial in different fields. Personality tests help to understand the differences between people, their strengths and weaknesses. This is why personality tests can assist recruiters in the stage of screening applicants to find the right candidate. 

Personality tests are overall useful tools and can be used for different purposes. For instance, personality tests are a good way to find out what should be improved in yourself, starting from habits to the skills that you can work on. Personality tests are helpful for intrapersonal and extrapersonal communication as well. The individuals can understand their personality types and know the specific characteristic features of their personality. 

The Role of Personality Tests in Recruitment

Personality tests are not only efficient for general use, they are quite valued and used for the recruitment process tests help recruiters identify the weaknesses and strengths of the candidates and this information assists the employers as a good help for understanding the later behavior of their future employees. Personality tests function as an identifier of work performance as well. The tests help the recruiters understand whether the candidates chosen for screening are capable of performing well during the working process, as the personality tests require the applicants to make decisions that indicate their later job performance. 

Personality tests are consider one of the crucial segments of the recruitment process. As we mentioned the importance of personality tests and how they function, we can establish the role of personality tests in recruitment, mentioning the most valuable points of personality tests. Thus, personality tests are important for the recruitment process for:

Finding the best candidate

Personality tests help recruiters find the best candidates that fit the vacant position the best. The personality tests assist employers in the hiring process as they find out about several features of the potential employees that can help to identify how the candidates will perform in different situations during the work and in this way, understand who fits the vacant position the best.

Avoiding Biases

Another aspect of personality tests that makes their role crucial for the recruitment process is that they reduce any possibility of having biases while hiring a new employee. While the recruiters may have biases while recruiting someone ignoring some characteristic features may result in an ineffective recruitment process and leave out the candidates who could have performed better during the work.

Job Performance

Another feature of personality tests that makes them important for recruiters, is that personality tests show the recruiters the approximate image of the applicants’ later performance. Personality tests include questions that require the candidates to give answers that can make it obvious to the employers how the candidates will perform in the staff and while working.

Getting to Know Candidates

Last but not least, personality tests help recruiters get to know the applicants better, Personality tests are useful as they help employers to identify characteristic features of some candidates that are need for the position or vice versa. The whole process of getting to know the applicants better is crucial for the recruiters as it encompasses all the features mentioned before this aspect. 

Thus, personality tests play a pivotal role in the recruitment process, offering a comprehensive understanding of candidates. They serve as valuable tools for recruiters to assess the compatibility of potential employees with vacant positions, and incorporating a WordPress quiz plugin can further enhance the engagement and effectiveness of these assessments. Personality tests help identify the candidates that fit the vacant position the best, they help to reduce any possible biases, identify the job performance of future employers, and generally get to know the candidates better to make a decision that will positively influence the company. 


To conclude, we established the general concept of recruitment and introduced the step-by-step process of hiring someone. The recruitment process is a series of actions that require a skilled recruitment manager or a group of employers that realize the process. The recruitment process includes the usage of personality tests, as they influence recruitment positively. Personality tests are a good method of identifying the weaknesses, strengths, and characteristic features of individuals. Thus, personality tests play a crucial role in the recruitment process, as they serve as a tool for getting to know the candidates one step closer before hiring them.

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