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High School and Primary School in Punggol: Differences Parents Need to Know

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When you enrol your child in Singapore education, they must pass through primary school and high school. There is certainly a difference between both of these types of schools, but your child will learn a lot from both these schools.

Whether you are opting for a high school or a primary school in Punggol for your child, you can take a look at the differences between both types of schools. In this article, you will learn some of the differences between primary and high schools.

Differences between High Schools and Primary Schools in Punggol

Some of the differences between high schools and primary schools are as follows:

●  Coverage of subjects

Primary schools will have a limited number of subjects. The day is split into various areas of teaching, such as Maths and English, where there are structured classes for each of the subjects called periods.

When your child is in year 7 of school, there will be more subjects covered. These will include maths, history, art, French, music, and geography classes. Subjects like cooking, sewing, woodwork and drama will also come in later years. When exposed to such subjects, children can figure out their passions and know what to do.

●  Teachers

Different classes in either a high or primary school in Punggol means your child will have different teachers. It means your child will learn from people with different teaching styles, life experiences and expertise. It is said that during high school years, students form bonds with teachers, and it doesn’t happen much in primary schools.

You may love to know that some of the high school teachers of your child might become their mentors in and out of the classroom. They might help your kids with schoolwork and career choices for the future.

●  Electives and international school fees 

In high school, your child can choose electives which can help them tailor subjects as per their strengths and interests. In years 11 and 12, your child can select subjects like business studies, art, legal studies and much more.

Compared to a primary school, there is more creativity in a high school. In year 7, your child can scope up what they like and begin to pursue it. The international school fees for your child in primary school will be lower compared to high school.

●  Homeworks and assignments

Your child’s homework in primary school will not be the same compared to high school. The homework in primary schools will be a lot easier compared to the ones in high school. It might be tough for your kid to switch to regular homework for various subjects and assignments.

As your kid does not need to worry about international school fees, they should aim to learn time management and organisation for high school assignments. They can take the help of other students and teachers to learn tricks for time management.     

Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for a primary school in Punggol or a high school for your child, learning the differences between both can help in a major way. There are multiple international schools in Singapore that provide primary education; you can research to enrol your child in the best school in your area.

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