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Furniture cleaning: How to clean wooden furniture?

by Team Techvilly

Wooden furniture is special. And not only because of their natural beauty but also because of the particular care they need. And is that, if you want to keep all the properties of this type of element intact, ‌have some very clear guidelines.

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 Guidelines to follow to clean wooden furniture

 Knowing how to clean furniture properly is not something you learn overnight. In fact, we must follow ‌scrupulously a series of steps if we do not want to deteriorate them.

 Surface dirt problems

 Although it may seem trivial, superficial dirt can become a real headache. And it is that if we do not eliminate it, it can penetrate the furniture in question, making it very complicated to recover its original state.

For this reason, we recommend, first‌, using a dry cloth, and even a duster, to remove those particles that inhabit its surface. Being furniture that rests inside a room, we will not have to worry about dealing with polluting particles, for example.

 The importance of the cloth

 Once we have already removed that dirt, the next step is to move on to deep cleaning. In this process, we have to consider three aspects that are key.

  • The choice of cloth is crucial. From our own experience, we recommend using one that is cotton or fiber. They are the ones that will damage the surface the least.
  • They should always carry cleaning out in the same direction as the grain.
  • As for the product to use, you can opt with no problem for a solution made up of warm water and some neutral soap.

Avoid chemicals

 Although ‌on other more resistant surfaces, chemical products can be a good solution‌ when cleaning wooden furniture it is not.

On the market, the vast majority of these cleaning products incorporate some elements such as ammonia into their formulation, which do nothing but spoil the wood. Although the product shows ‌it is suitable for wood, try not to use it under any circumstances.

 Apply prevention methods

 We have already been able to verify that wood is extremely delicate. A condition that means that we not only have to pay attention to the cleaning process but also to the prevention process.

A good way to prevent this furniture from deteriorating excessively because of dirt is to cover it with a cloth when, for example, it will not be used for a long period. In this way, you will not only be extending the life of the furniture in question, but you will also avoid cleaning it more times than necessary, which will ensure that its original qualities, shine, and texture, among others, remain in perfect condition.

Cleaning furniture manufactured ‌which is not at all complex and well carried out can make the benefits extraordinary.

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