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by Uneeb Khan

Financial Asset Management As of March 30, 2017, the firm had 91 investment professionals and 34 financial services professionals based out of four locations in Connecticut. MML has made it possible to structure four team tracks within its investment offices to effectively manage and allocate the firm’s assets and investments. Team Track Resources Team Track Goals Assets Assets Asset Benchmark Portfolio Asset Benchmark Portfolio Alignment Portfolio Alignment Team Members Benchmark Portfolio Benchmark Financial Asset Management The Financial Asset Management Team is led by John Maier, who heads up the Asset Management Team and oversees the firm’s financial asset allocation strategy. Maier leads the asset management team through the asset allocation process that involves financial asset management, data analytics, quantitative and fundamental analysis, and portfolio design. He has over 25 years of experience in financial asset management. Maier specializes in creating financial asset allocation strategies, which consist of quantitative and fundamental analysis, risk management, portfolio design, benchmarking and portfolio implementation. Maier has held a number of senior management positions in financial firms including TD Securities and Massachusetts Financial Services Corporation. Prior to joining MML in 2012, Maier was the head of the Financial Asset Management Team at USAA Securities Company. Maier holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Pennsylvania State University. John Maier, Head of the Financial Asset Management Team at MML Management, Inc. John Maier, Head of the Financial Asset Management Team at MML Management, Inc. As head of the Financial Asset Management Team, John Maier oversees MML’s investment portfolio and recommends investments for clients within the financial services sector. The team’s goal is to develop a high-quality asset allocation strategy that aligns with the individual client’s risk tolerance, financial needs and future objectives. The team designs investment strategies that allocate assets across different types of financial assets to make sure that all clients are getting the best possible return. Alignment Maier describes his role as maintaining an asset allocation strategy that aligns the client’s financial needs with the financial asset allocation of MML Management, Inc. Asset Benchmark Maier takes the Asset Benchmark Portfolio created by the team and provides client members with this asset allocation portfolio. Team Member Benchmark John Maier manages the team’s Asset Benchmark Portfolio. As the Asset Benchmark Portfolio Manager, John Maier combines MML’s financial asset allocation with its global investment management experience to create this asset allocation portfolio. Asset Benchmark John Maier manages the Asset Benchmark Portfolio. Asset Benchmark Portfolio Alignment Maier is responsible for providing asset allocation advice for client portfolios. As an asset allocation advisor, Maier utilizes financial asset benchmarking tools that identify asset classes that could improve the client’s overall risk profile and financial planning. As the Asset Benchmark Portfolio Manager, Maier applies the data gathered from financial asset benchmarking to determine appropriate asset allocation levels for the client.https://techvilly.com

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