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Evolution of Cell Phones: Buttons to Touch Screen 

by Team Techvilly

Some years ago, we were so tired of the buttons of our mobile phones. Mobile phones could be matching without their keyboard. The boards on the pads were attached to the mobile phone along with the screen to type a message for you to answer a call. However, today we have switched to completing the task on mobile phones. We don’t need the keypad anymore as we can perform every task with the display of a mobile phone. 

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Therefore, here are some of the benefits of this evolution that are observed and presented by each one of us. 

Evolution of cellphones: buttons to touchscreen 

1. Huge screen 

The new screen on display is the best part of the mobile phone today. Will look up to mobile phones with larger screens to experience the content even more accurately. Not everyone before a large screen mobile phone, many people still stick to come back screen. However, it is about the touchscreen experience that they go through. Using screen Devices is loved by people who are into gaming or watching TV shows or any other content on the mobile phone. It helps them to have a greater viewing experience which is not available on small screen devices. 

2. In-built keypad 

We have eliminated the keypad of the keyboard from each mobile phone today. With the help of an inbuilt keypad on the touchscreen, things have become easier. The inbuilt keypad has eliminated the extra space occupied by the physical keypad that was used earlier in many mobile phones. This inbuilt keypad is also easier to use. As with a physical keypad, it was harder to press the buttons multiple times and type a text or an email. The in-built keypad adds up to a smoother experience and is easy to use. You do not have to stress your fingers in honor of typing a message. 

3. Speed 

The speed of typing has also increased because of the elimination of keyboards or keypads in mobile phones. It is a harder way to press on to keypads that are physically fit in mobile phones. The inbuilt keypad is easier and more convenient to use when you are typing something. You have the QWERTY keyboard I’m so you can type every alphabet quickly and easily. Many of the mobile phones which had physical keypads, had to present similar buttons multiple times. There are also other mobile phones which had quality keyboards that physically fit in the mobile phone. However, it seems like a congested thing to watch and even handle with your own hands. 

4. Easier to clean 

We have touchscreen mobile phones which are easier to clean. Whereas, physical keyboards on the pads are harder to clean. We also experience it without a PC or laptop as we have to buy different types of brushes to clean in between the keypad. The mobile phones are easier to clean as it is made up of glass and they can be white with just a piece of cloth. There are also many mobile solutions available in the market that can be spread or applied on the screen of the mobile phone and wiped off to clean the mobile phone and its display. You can clean your mobile phone and its touchscreen daily. However, you cannot do that with a mobile phone which has a keypad foot in physically as it might require other equipment to clean it properly. 

5. Durable 

Mobile phones with actions are more durable. There is no doubt about the durability of mobile phones which have a touchscreen display. Many mobile phones which have a keyboard or a keypad setting physically can experience the loss of keys on it. Imagine dropping your phone and your keys popping out of the mobile phone. This is not a sight to watch and will create obstacles for you why are you using your mobile phone. That is why that’s the mobile phone I always a better option as you can trust on the durability. You can also put on screen guard or tempered glass on the display of the mobile phone to protect the screen. A strong phone case Will also do the job. 


The expansion and the innovation of touchscreen displays have simply changed all of our lives. We experience the touchscreen display today not only in the form of mobile phones but also iPads and laptops. If you are still using any mobile phone with a keypad which is hardly possible, You might sell second-hand mobile phones. However, you will only know the perks of using a touchscreen mobile phone when you use one. All of your experiences will be enhanced whether it is about viewing it or using and typing on the mobile phone. 

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