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Dry Erase Drawings for Whiteboards

by Uneeb Khan
Dry Erase Drawings

On a whiteboard, the majority of individuals only scrawl a few phrases here and there with dry erase markers. The whiteboard plays a significant role in our daily lives at Ink Factory. In fact, our studio has whiteboards that are over 500 square feet in size that we can decorate with dry erase artwork.We’ve discussed how to make the most of your office’s whiteboard, but how about mastering dry erase drawings? The following advice can help you improve your dry-erase drawing skills.


To begin with, ensure sure your markers are not dried out by checking them. When markers have dried out, they are extremely difficult to use and the ink is more difficult to see. We advise buying a tonne of brand-new markers. Because black is the most often used colour, make sure to double or quadruple your stock of black markers. We also prefer to use refillable dry-erase markers to prevent waste.

For dry-erase markers, there are several tip varieties. Most of them have chisel points, but some have bullet tips as well. The two are different in the following ways:

Because they combine two tips into one, chisel tips are excellent for usage. You can draw a larger line on the fatter side and a skinnier one on the thinner side. If you pick one side and stick with it as you write, your writing will seem the cleanest. Your letters become more unified as a result.

Handwriting Practice for Dry Erase Drawings

Using dry erase markers, practising your handwriting would be beneficial. Writing using a pen or pencil feels different from the markers themselves. Since you won’t be writing on a table or any other horizontal writing surface, the surface you are writing on is also extremely different because it will be vertical.

Practice is also beneficial since most of the time, other people will read what you write. Giving yourself a little more time to ensure that your handwriting is readable as you write is acceptable. We advise practise writing letters that are at least an inch tall because you will also be writing a little larger than usual.

Try to concentrate on writing down only the essential ideas and not necessarily every word if you’re taking notes during a meeting on a whiteboard. It allows you more time to concentrate on making a few words incredibly simple to read rather than frantically typing down as many words as you can while you filter information in your thoughts. Here are some suggestions for taking notes as well.

Erasing Dry Erase Marker Ink

Erasing is one of the finest aspects of dry-erase markers. The ink washes off quite neatly after it has dried. This can work to your benefit. Your finger, a pencil eraser, or a microfiber cloth are excellent erasing tools. Use one of these tools to assist straighten a line, tidy up the borders of a form, or even write over a solid colour after you’ve let the ink on the drawing surface to dry. Just be careful not to wipe the ink off too soon; wet ink smudges if you do. By merely blowing air onto the ink, you may speed up the drying process.

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Coloring Tips

When trying to cover a bigger surface, dry erase markers feel different than regular markers. Have you ever attempted to use a dry-erase pen to colour but it simply kept erasing itself as you went? That may be really upsetting. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your marker as you traverse more ground:

  • Move slowly. The marker’s ink runs out if you try to quickly cover a huge area. More slowly and deliberately than usual, proceed. You’ll achieve a fuller colour by doing this.
  • Make your lines thinner. If you work smaller than normal while colouring in, you can also cover more area. Smaller lines also make the most of the dry-erase ink, which may go against logic.

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