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Discord promotion 101 : Utilize Discord to build a credible community for your business

by Uneeb Khan
Discord Promotion

Recently, HBO and Warner bros announced that they would release The Game of Thrones NFTs. Leading entertainment companies like HBO and Warner bros venturing into the NFT market clearly shows how rewarding the NFT market is. Yet, one must also note that people entering the crypto market must compete with large corporations like Warner Bros, HBO, Premier League, and so on to have a successful outing with their NFT. 

This thought can give a feeling of angst for budding entrepreneurs looking to enter the NFT space, but fear not; there is a panacea for all trouble. Among the wide spectrum of NFT marketing strategies, Discord marketing has proven to be the most effective, yielding maximum results for crypto projects. Let’s get into the details of Discord promotion and how it helps NFT brands reach a wider audience.


As most of us know, Discord is a popular VoIP-based chat platform available on Windows, MAC, IoS, and android. Discord enables users to communicate through voice calls, texts, video calls, media, and files in private chats and communities, also known as “servers.” 

Discord, with its fun and youthful interface, was widely popular with gamers during its inception. Now, it has evolved into more than just a messaging platform. With its unique community management features, Discord has given immense value to marketers with their marketing campaigns. 

Why Discord for marketing?

Discord can be one of the best platforms for marketers to connect with their target audience and build relationships to drive sales.

Lead generation

As you can join public channels on Discord, you can easily promote your project on relevant servers and reach your intended audience. You can also join private channels pertinent to your niche to promote your web3 project. Ensure that the server you wish to promote your project allows the advertising of products or services. 

Highly interactable:

Marketing on platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp have certain limitations. But, Discord has proven to be positively marketing friendly as it enables marketers to promote their projects on servers easily. Even though Discord is a relatively new platform, it offers unlimited categorization, with which you can reach a different audience and engage at various levels.

Build strong relationships with consumers

With Discord, brands can stay in touch with their target audience more directly and efficiently. You can host video calls with thousands of members conveniently on Discord, making brands genuinely keep in touch with their audience.

Personalizable sub-channels

Once you build your main server on Discord, you can create multiple sub-channels within that server. Marketers can use these sub-channels and dedicate them to different operations and functionalities of the brand. 

Why do businesses prefer Discord?

  • Offers better control over members: You can manage your community members and control who accesses your server; therefore, there is less to zero chance for your server to be flocked by spammers. The server admins can also block members against the community regulations and add moderators to manage the community members.
  • Faster than conventional communication mechanisms like mails: Discord is more convenient and quicker than emails. 
  • Algorithm-free: As a chat and communication platform, Discord is completely algorithm-free. You can drop a message about an update, launch a product, or send invites on a single dedicated brand server.  

How to get started with Discord marketing?

Even though navigating through Discord can be quite simple, creating and managing a Discord server to effectively market your product involves quite a few steps.

  • Create your server: The first step in your Discord marketing process is to create a business-specific server for your brand. Create a server that resonates with all types of people, ensuring your content reaches your target market. To gain members for your server, you can announce the launch of your platform on other relevant platforms and platforms. 
  • Promote on other servers: You can join other relevant public servers to promote your brand. Joining small servers gives an active and interactive experience while joining big servers enables you to reach a wider audience. 
  • Interact with your audience: Note that Discord serves more of a tech-savvy and bright audience, so make sure you promote your brand smartly and authentically. You can directly interact with your audience, and any question or inquiry about your brand on the server is a promotion for your brand. 
  • Use channels for customer service: You can dedicate separate channels for customer service. You can discuss and resolve customer queries to build credibility among your customers and have repeat customers. 
  • Share relevant content: Sharing content on your server can add value to your brand. Share relevant and engaging content like memes, blogs, articles, videos, product updates, games, and activities to keep your audience engrossed with your product or service. 
  • Organic promotion: Once you’ve established your server and created an organic rapport between your community members, you can start promoting your content organically to your members. You can organize events, conduct live chats, and events to promote your venture. Make sure that your promotion seems relaxed and professional. 
  • Promote user content: You can encourage and reward community members for sharing their content on the server. Once you’ve established your server and started gaining a good follower base, you can also nurture fan-made groups for your brand.

Wrapping up

With over 140 million active users and 6.7 million servers, Discord can be the ideal platform to promote and manage brands. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to strengthen your brand’s voice and build a community in the web3 market, then Discord marketing is the way to go. But, managing a Discord server without experience and a professional team can be a hectic process. Therefore it is highly recommended to get in touch with a competent Discord promotion agency.

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