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Cute Duck Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

by Uneeb Khan
Cute Duck Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids Around the world, ducks are highly popular among those who enjoy animals. It is easy to see why given how much personality these birds possess.

Due to their immense appeal, they have made innumerable appearances in cartoons, movies, TV shows, and artistic creations. Drawing For Kids though you may have seen several ducks, drawing one from memory cannot be easy.

Drawing a Duck: Let’s get started!

  • The top of the duck’s head will be drawn first in this tutorial on drawing ducks. The top of the skull will be highly rounded, looking like the interior of a half-circle.
  • The solid line on top will be replaced with three slightly curved lines, giving the top of the head the illusion of feathers.

Keep drawing your head:

  • After completing the top of the head, you can now extend the duck drawing’s head. To illustrate the top of the skull, extend the lines you’ve already drawn and bend them inward as they drop.
  • When it exactly matches the reference image, Step 3 can be finished.

Now add a beak and an eye to your duck:

  • Let’s incorporate a beak in the tutorial section on how to draw a duck because, use without one, it wouldn’t be much of a duck.
  • The beak will be a curving line from the skull’s left side. The eye should then be drawn as a circle with a smaller circle inside.
  • Don’t forget to draw a line inside the beak outline and smile at your ductile.

Give your duck a wing next:

  • The next step is to give your duck’s drawing a wing. The wing will be designed as curved lines extending from the duck’s head.
  • Once the wing has been sketched and appears as it does in the example, the following step can be done.

Add the body of the duck now:

  • In the fifth phase of our how to draw a duck lesson, we will give the duck a body.
  • The body will be made out of an extremely elliptical line that begins beneath the duck’s face and loops around to the back.
  • Your duck’s tail needs to be filled in precisely behind the wing using some straighter lines, as you can see in the reference picture. After that, your duck is beginning to look wonderful!

Include the legs and finishing touches:

  • Before finishing touches, we’ll sketch some legs for your duck in this phase.
  • The legs will be made of some slightly curved lines, and the duck’s webbed feet will be made of straighter, curved lines.
  • A few lines will be drawn across the legs to finish them and give them a more textured appearance. Use some lines to finish the duck’s chest with a few more features. You may add extra lines to the body to give in more substance.
  • You might also completely omit the legs to give the appearance that your duck is floating with its legs submerged in a body of water.
  • What details will you add to your duck drawing to make it perfect?

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