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CNC Wire Cut Machine - Keytex Machines

CNC Wire Cut Machine

Rather than cutting the material, the EDM melts it or dissipates it, creating somewhat little chips and giving an exact cut line. Industry acknowledgment has prompted a wide assortment of EDM applications as they are exceptionally flexible, can cut hard metals, and utilize a little working space.

Differences between CNC Wire Cut Machine and CNC Wire Cut Edm Machine:

There are two fundamental EDM machines: regular or sinker and wire or cut. Conventional EDM, as depicted above, utilizes the device to scatter the electric flow. This instrument, the cathode, runs along the piece of metal, the anode, and the electric discharge responds to dissolve or disintegrate the metal. Because of the activity of dielectric liquid, generally, a hydrocarbon oil, in which the cathode and the workpiece are drenched, the fine chips delivered in the process are washed away from the part.

CNC Wire Cut Machine (diverts the electric flow involving a wire that goes about as a cathode and is directed along the ideal cut way or hole.

The dielectric liquid for this situation – ordinarily deionized water – is gone through the entry point during its length, again heading out particles and control sparkles. The slender wire permits exact cuts, with little holes.

Wire cutting EDM gear is PC-controlled (CNC) instrument, which has some control over the wire on a three-layered pivot to give more prominent adaptability.

Straight cuts are made by changing the x-y directions of the blade, and more intricate cuts are made by adding a hub of movement to the wire guides. Both four and five-pivot CNC Wire Cut Edm Machine and administrations are accessible. While conventional EDM can’t necessarily create sharp corners or extremely complex examples.

An ED wire at a specific material thickness will dissipate the metal, hence disposing of any alleged defilement. The wire radiates sparkles from all sides, implying that the cut should be thicker than the actual wire. At the end of the day, since an ongoing ring encircles the wire, the lightest and most conceivable cutting way is the additional measurement of the ring and wire; professionals can, without much of a stretch, oblige this further aspect. Makers keep delivering increasingly thin wire to consider more modest kerfs and, surprisingly, better accuracy.

CNC Wire Cut Machine Applications:

Because of its flexibility, makers use CNC Wire Cut Edm Machine for many applications. As this cycle can cut tiny parts, it is often the best decision for delivering little, extremely nitty gritty parts that would typically be excessively fragile for other machining choices. Also, the cycle is savvy for low-volume plans and can demonstrate helpful for prototyping regardless of whether the simple procedure is done another way. CNC Turning Machine is also one of our best products.

Kindly note that the wire in the process is continually moving and can’t be reused. Subsequently, copper, metal, or other metal wire can be miles long, adding to the expense of the interaction. And keeping in mind that the cycle doesn’t utilize force and hence doesn’t burr and can be utilized on sensitive things, there is unquestionably the chance of warm pressure.

Most wire EDM tasks start with an unpleasant cut with a genuinely high feed rate and dielectric stream. Ensuing degreasing passes require more modest amounts with the decreased dielectric stream to accomplish resilience of the completed surfaces. The diminished dielectric stream forestalls the bending of the wire during these advances.

Cuts that don’t begin along the edge of the part require pre-penetrating to permit the wire to go through.

Many wire EDM machines have little opening boring cathodes for this reason, which allows beginning openings to be made in solidified steel without the utilization of standard bores. Little opening drills usually utilize an EDM cathode mounted in a turning mandrel.


The benefit of a CNC Wire Cut Machine over a regular EDM machine is that the consistent wire feed limits the wear that happens with a fixed terminal. Be that as it may, a wire EDM machine can utilize a great deal of wire, which inflates costs. Many wire EDM machines are self-strung, so on the off chance that the wire breaks, the interaction can go on consistently.

One more significant benefit is the capacity to cut parts after heat treatment, which removes the chance of misshapen coming about because of post-treatment. Also, since wire EDM doesn’t matter strain to the device on the workpiece, little, sensitive parts are handily machined. Fixing necessities are insignificant contrasted with regular machining strategies. Excellent surfaces are conceivable.


Contrasted with many machining strategies, CNC Wire Cut Machine is a sluggish cycle, even though velocities have expanded throughout the years because of mechanical advances. Efficiency can be extended by stacking indistinguishable parts and cutting them simultaneously. Multi-head machines are accessible, all the while cutting different indistinguishable parts. Since wire EDM is a warm cycle, a few burdens can be conferred on the workpiece.

Albeit generally clear to perform, upkeep of wire EDM machines can be more requested than expected for traditional machine instruments. Consumables can be more expensive, as well. These expenses can now and again be softened because practically all wire EDM machines are intended to work unattended. The shortfall of burrs on the completed parts can save work or time by killing the deburring step.

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