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BMW Parts and Estimated Prices

by Darshan Fame

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your BMW or replace any damaged parts, it’s essential to know the details and their estimated prices. As a responsible car owner, investing in quality replacement or genuine parts is wise. If you’re planning on replacing your BMW car parts, this article will show you when your car parts need to be replaced and how much they’ll cost. 

Headlights – ~$1,500

If you’re experiencing any trouble focusing on the road at night because your headlights fail to emit enough light, then maybe it’s a good sign that your headlights need to be replaced. Typically, most BMW replacement headlights cost around 1,500. This is because BMW uses premium plastic or glass for its headlights. Moreover, prices vary depending on the headlight bulb you’re going for, such as halogen, HID, LED, and laser headlights.

Hood – ~$500

The hood on a BMW is one of the most expensive parts to replace, and it’s also one of the most important as this houses the vital parts of your car, such as the car’s engine. A new hood can cost up to $500 or more, depending on your model year and where you live. Especially if your vehicle has recently rear-ended another car, the hood is one of the most commonly affected after a nasty collision. If the damaged hood affects your car’s performance, you better get a BMW collision repair in Houston to have your vehicle assessed and fixed by a professional car specialist.

Windshield – ~$500

The cost of replacing a windshield is around $500. Windshields are made of laminated glass and are made up of two layers: one being safety glass and the other vinyl. They are necessary for protecting you from objects and debris in front of your car or even more essential things like trees falling over. If you break your windshield while driving, there will be severe consequences. If it’s not repaired quickly enough, your car could lose control due to poor vision of the road, which could cause an accident involving both vehicles involved in the collision (and possibly even people).

Tire Set – ~$300 per tire

A good tire set ensures the safety and good performance. Worn-out tires could lead to severe problems on the road as you lose traction, especially when driving through a storm or on an ice road. A set of tires might cost $300 per tire if you buy them from a certified BMW auto repair shop. Remember to invest in a good set of tires, and don’t be too frugal about it either because you always get what you pay for. 

Fender – ~$500

Fenders are the panels that cover the wheels of a vehicle. This part of the car is not just an accessory. It serves as a protection for your vehicle against dirt, mud, and rocks. A typical BMW car has two pairs of fenders, one on each side. The front pair covers the front wheels, and the rear team covers the rear wheels. Front Fenders could cost around $500, while rear fenders around $250 or more.

Quality first

There are many parts to a BMW, each of which plays an essential role in the car’s overall performance. Looking for the best deals on specific details can be challenging. That’s why you should know more about your car’s model and the quality of the parts you’re going to replace the damaged ones with. It can be hard to know how much each one costs, so we’ve done our best to help you! Never settle for less; always choose genuine BMW parts for longevity and reliability.

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