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Best Chinese Food And Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore

by Team Techvilly
Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore

Chinese food is famous all over the world, especially in Pakistan. There are so many restaurants around Lahore that it can be difficult to decide where to eat. Finding good quality and quantity of food is, therefore, a challenge. After extensive research and numerous reviews, we have found the Chinese restaurants in Gulberg Lahore.

Red Lotus Chinese food

Red Lotus is a good and suitable covered marquee area for eating. Enjoy the chef’s unique culinary skills. Nice place near Lahore business center, Chinese food with Pakistani taste, the atmosphere is not good. The menu includes Chinese food. Golden Silk Shrimp, Peanut Fried Chicken Fingers, Spring Rolls, Fish Crackers, and Macon serve Chinese and Thai food with a lifetime of flavor.

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Fuchsia kitchen

Fuchsia Kitchen is a modern Asian restaurant serving Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean-inspired cuisine. Therefore, they have a common Asian mindset and a vision of how to cook and decorate the restaurant accordingly. Ideally located in Gulberg 3, Fuchsia Kitchen was one of the first restaurants with a suitable outdoor dining area. The restaurant prides itself on the quality of service, food, and atmosphere.

It is famous for its varieties of chicken such as chicken Sichuan and crispy red sea bream. Fuchsia also specializes in shrimp. Their serving sizes are great to minimize waste but are also good enough to keep customers satisfied. They are experts in Asian fusion cuisine and have maintained their standards to this day.

Whether you are a couple or a family of 16, Fuchsia Kitchen has the ability to cater to your needs and makes it one of the Chinese restaurants in Gulberg Lahore. Perfectly seasoned in four different dishes, chicken dish fuchsia makes it a favorite among fans of pan-Asian cuisine.

Mei Kong

Located in all major cities in Pakistan, Mei Kong has always strived to establish itself in the Chinese food industry. From the beginning, Mei Kong has maintained high standards of service and food. Experienced chefs serve dishes that are a staple of their unique selling point. When it comes to food, their decor and management are working hard to provide a traditional Chinese experience. The ambiance and setting of Mei Kong’s outdoor dining is perfect for those who want to sit, relax and dine.

Mei Kong specializes in seafood, but chicken is second to none. Oyster chicken, chicken and almonds, Thai soup, chicken drumsticks, chicken, and mushrooms are recommended dishes to try with Macon. In seafood, they make the best lobster and shrimp. Honey chicken drumsticks as starters, Macon specialty yakisoba, and oyster chicken are the perfect combination here.

Sichuan Chinese restaurant

Sichuan Province is Lahore’s cheapest Chinese restaurant with competitive prices, quality service, and an excellent menu. Their rich menu offers an amazing variety of soups, and the special Sichuan soup takes all the crowns.

Highly recommended as a beginner. Moving on to the main course, Sichuan serves a variety of chickens. Especially the black pepper chicken, shredded chicken with mushrooms, and my friend’s chicken honey drumsticks. Sichuan Chicken Fried Rice is also frequently ordered by happy customers. One of Lahore’s most pocket-friendly, high-end Chinese restaurants has a lot to offer for happy customers.

Wrap things up

This concludes the list of best Chinese restaurants in Gulberg Lahore and where to find them. If you missed a restaurant that should be on the list, let us know in the comments.

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