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A Vineyard visit and wine tour in Bangalore

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Somewhere we have always fancied those trips in movies to the vineyards. Or a glass of wine in hand and a deep thought about how this piece of art is made. This can happen because these vineyards offer you to visit their place and learn about the making of wine which is full of enjoyment and fun. The tour guides in these vineyards will give you a brief introduction about the wines and their making. Deeply understanding the 5 s of drinking wine: smell, sniff, swirl, sip and swallow and tasting all their varieties is one heck of an experience. This extraordinary tour will surely enhance your knowledge about wine. 

Get a glimpse of the winery when you walk into the vineyards. Learn about labelling bottles in the wine making area. Indulge yourself in fun while grape stomping with your friends. You will be served with wine matching dine which is scrumptious and amazingly delicious. All this can happen near your city because the vineyards near Bangalore are just something for wine lovers. 

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Wine Tourism

In recent years wine tourism has been growing rapidly where karnataka is the second highest producer of wine and nashik in maharashtra is still first. In India there are several vineyards known for their red and white wines but spending time in these vineyards is also beautiful because of their perfectly nestled in spectacular landscapes mostly in the foothills and lush green meadows on rolling hills. Keeping in mind the climatic conditions of Bangalore and its rich fertile soil makes it an ideal location for vineyards. We have made you a list of some idealistic vineyards which will increase your knowledge about wines. 

Big banyan vineyard: the new vineyard on the block 

It is situated near a 400 years old banyan tree. They first started producing wine in Goa about a decade ago and now they have their second branch in Bangalore which was established in 2016. They provide accomodation in wooden plated rooms and have all the amazing facts about wines and their making on the wall of rooms. This place is located on a hectare of land. The spectacular landscape in the backdrop of the farm is so mesmerising and getting to know about wine making around this captivating scenery with a glass of wine will make your tour wholesome. You can hand pick grapes in seasonal months. 

Grover zampa vineyard: india’s oldest winemaking

They are considered as one of the oldest wine makers. An idea of finest wine making made kanwal grover, a mumbai based businessman and led himself to open grover zampa vineyard which was the first vineyard in bangalore. It is located in more than 81 hectares of land and has this optical sensing machine which chooses quality grapes for fermentation. Spend peaceful and learning time in this sprawling vineyard about the winemaking process. Get a deal with an amazing buffet and 6 different wines in the location amidst the musical environment. 

Kadu winery: india’s first winery for a cause 

It is the fourth branch of sula vineyard which was renamed as kadu winery from heritage winery. ‘Kadu’ means wild in kannada. They give a portion of their proceeds to tiger conservation which makes them care about wildlife. Located on 9 acres of land, kadu winery gives their tourists a brief introduction about wine making and offers them kadu and sula wines. Experience the dine in epulo with world class chefs and amazing delicious cuisine. 

Sdu winery: india’s first female owned boutique winery

Shambhavi Hingorani is the owner of this winery, the first female entrepreneur in this field. They are famous for their simple wines with modern wine making machines from Italy. Their famous brand names are Deva, Reserva and trilogy. Which are made under the leadership of famous italian winemaker Andre Valentunuzzi’s. Get a fine wine in the open air and intriguing wine making process. They will soon open  air brunches which double your dine and wine in the perfect weather. 

Kinvah vineyards: refined taste and fine living

Located on a land of more than 250 acres and producing 10 million litres of wine is legendary. Kinvah or Nandi valley vineyards produce french grapes of premium quality. It is much more than just about learning and tasting wines. The refined tasting and fine living makes it idealistic from other vineyards. You will be welcomed with drinks and snacks followed by 3 course lunch and a grape stomping session. 

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