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7 Useful Integrations between Microsoft Teams & Outlook – An Overview!

by Team Techvilly

(Good news for everyone!)

Microsoft is steadily striving to expand its collaborative app – ‘Microsoft Teams’.

All this is in response to the latest’ remote work culture’ being adopted all across the globe.

Most respective users are moving towards adopting collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams. This has made it imperative to dig deep into searching for more ways such apps can be leveraged to their optimum potential and efficacy.

Today in this segment, we aim to look into some noteworthy integrations between the Microsoft Teams and Outlook to ensure more productive, well-organised and unified communications- external or internal.

Both Microsoft Teams & Outlooks have proven to be beneficial tools for business set-ups of all sizes.

Microsoft team is great for file sharing, v-meetings and chatting, whereas Outlook is excellent for dispatching emails, meeting scheduling, cascading declarations and more.

These products are helping teams around the globe exchange emails and interact flawlessly and effortlessly. In simple terms, together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Now that you have a basic idea, let’s cut to the chase and discuss 7 noteworthy integrations between Microsoft & Outlook.

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1. Scheduling Team Meetings in Advance Is Now Easy-Peasy

On some days emailing people can become overwhelming and hopping from one application to another rather daunting. To avoid such inconveniences ‘Teams Meeting’ option proves to be a blessing.

You can stay in Outlook to configure and connect with a Microsoft Teams meeting. All you need to do is open the calendar tab in Outlook and refer to the ‘Meet Now’ feature. Using it, you can arrange meetings straight from its calendar.

If you wish to schedule meetings in advance (especially those which are highly important), you can easily choose the option – ‘New teams meeting’ to do it easily.

2. Advanced Team Meeting Option to Set Who Bypasses the Lobby & Who Can Present 

Besides the above two integrations, you also get the ‘Advanced Team Meeting’ option in your outlook email. The perk of this option is it lets you see who can evade the lobby and who can be present.

Moreover, you may even activate other meeting options to be accessible when taking calls, such as cameras for attendees, chat, reactions and audio.

You will come across several meeting options. Tick the boxes of features you want to have. Then hit save at the end to confirm and enable the changes made.

If this wasn’t convenient enough, you could even turn each meeting you organise into Teams meeting by default.

All you have to do is visit files –options – calendar and click on add the online meeting to all meetings.

By clicking on it, your set meetings will automatically become Teams meetings.  

3. Dragging Files from Outlook Email to Microsoft Teams Is Now Feasible.

(Answer honestly)

‘Do you still have a habit of downloading the required attachments from your Outlook email and then uploading them to your Microsoft Teams files?’

If you do, then it’s to stop this redundant and time-taking process. To aid you in your operations, there’s a new feature available on Outlook.

That’s right; you’ve guessed it! With this latest integration, not you can easily drag files straight from your outlook email.

All you have to do is open 2 side-by-side applications. Then, drag the required files from one side to the other side. It’s straightforward and something you will experience and grow to like the more you use it for your daily operations.

4. New Microsoft Teams Extensions for Outlook Web Operations

The good news doesn’t stop! For those who like using Outlook for web applications, there are several ways to enable Teams from it.

It’s simple. Click on the existing chat option to get redirected to the Teams application. Then, on that very page, you can view all up-approaching meetings. Plus, you can join straight from Outlook online.

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Both Outlook and Microsoft Teams can deliver optimal communication and collaborative experiences when used conjointly.

And simply using them will make day-to-day operations a mere child’s play.

5. The convenience of Sharing a Conversation in Microsoft Teams to Outlook Email

With this latest integration, you can easily share conversations to the Microsoft Teams to Outlook email without leaving Teams.

In sharp contrast to the previous inconveniences, you can easily share interactions with other members (even outside your team or organisation).

To do that, go to the ‘Teams conversation option’ that you wish to share and click on the 3 dots present to witness the ‘Share to Outlook’ function!

Special Mentioning: Of course, this feature will only be available to respective users when outlook web is activated.

6. Sharing Outlook Content to Microsoft Teams is Possible with One Click

This feature is also in our list of noteworthy integrations between Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

It is true! Appearing as a counterpart to the latest integration highlighted above – now you can easily share outlook content to the Microsoft Teams with just one click.

You can simply look for and add whichever recipient you choose (depending on your necessity) and type in your message. Moreover, you also get the convenience of adding attachments if deemed necessary.

7. Automatic Actionable Missed Activity Emails to Catch Up on Conversations Skilled In Microsoft Teams

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With so many emails daily jamming your Outlook email inbox, it is easy to miss out on certain emails. While this can be classified as human error, if it happens frequently, then it disrupts the otherwise flawless communication chain formulated.

Fortunately, to avert such human error, active users will now automatically get actionable missed activity emails. This new integration will allow regular users to notice the missed conversation emails in Microsoft Teams.

This appreciative integration reveals the latest replies from a conversation and messages dispatched post missed messages.

To answer, users can simply hit the Reply option straight from their Outlook email.

Final Lines:

As many will agree – Microsoft Outlook is one of the most efficient emailing platforms. Whether you intend to use it for personal work or official operations, it always offers a wide range of user-convenient features.

It is why Microsoft Outlook is the go-to email for so many across the globe.

To enhance your workflow and communication with co-workers and clients, these 7 integrations between Microsoft & Outlook will play a dominant role – both at present and in the future!

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