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5 Wooden Floors That Will Give Your Living Room A Makeover

by Team Techvilly
5 Wooden Floors That Will Give Your Living Room A Makeover

The floors of each space in your house reflect your personality. And the living room is a special place to share with family and friends. Renew it with one of these 5 Wood floors in South Florida.

Remodel your living room with Wood floors in South Florida

With these stylish wood floors, when your family or friends enter your house, they will notice that it has a bit of your personality and that the space is more welcoming for everyone.

  1. Brown floor

It is a floor that leans towards the contemporary and goes well with any decorative style due to its neutral base that combines with any texture, providing elegance and style. The brown wood floor in South Florida allows the combination of modern furniture and neutral colors.

This style’s features are straight lines that go well with geometric furniture, architecture, and accessories. This floor color is here to stay thanks to its versatility and will remain part of the trends in wood floors for 2022.

  • White floor

Furniture and walls in gray and beige colors bring balance to any space and give them a feeling of freshness that works perfectly in spaces with modern decoration.

Sophistication and elegance are just some aspects you can obtain if you decide on the wood floorswhich, combined with curtains, armchairs, and accessories in light tones, create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It is undoubtedly the ideal room for you. Wouldn’t you like your guests to feel at home? If yes, say yes to our classy white wood flooring that exudes royalty. 

  • Blonde wood 

Blonde wood is one of the most requested due to its great versatility. In addition to elegance, it can turn any space into a cozy and comfortable place. The blond wood has a personality of its own. It is exclusive and distinctive to find anywhere. 

If what you are looking for is a classic touch, you can obtain it by combining it with furniture in light colors and lamps with modern designs, which will give your home an avant-garde and pleasant touch. 

  • Oak Spirit Smoke

The dark tones of the Wood floors in South Florida are perfect for conveying sophistication and elegance. The secret to proper decoration is to combine light tones on walls and furniture. Dare to play with colors and give your room a touch of balance with elements in stronger colors in accessories such as cushions, flowers, centerpieces, etc.

Furniture with lighter shades such as gray or white is the key to achieving a balance of shades that will create a cozy and classy space, ideal for that woman with style and good taste.

  • Natural floor

This is one classic taste. Floors with yellow or orange bases are ideal if you want a space that transmits warmth and cordiality. Captivate your guests with this floor by combining indigo, gray or white tones on walls and ceilings and obtain a space full of contrasts.

Tables, armchairs, and industrial-style furniture go very well with warm wooden floors. Play with red, green, or brown colors and obtain a result full of distinction. So what are you waiting for? Give a quick revamp with our Wood floors in South Florida.

Always choose classic wood floors in South Florida

Wood Floor Group is the ideal place to choose from all engineered Wood floors in South Florida that are available in different shades. Find the one you like best and give personality to any space.

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