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5. Best Drawing Apps for Chrome Book

by Team Techvilly

A Chrome Book is a tablet or laptop with the operating system Chrome OS. Many people believe that the old operating system does not have any apps or tools for image editing and drawing. These misinterpretations are why Chrome OS still trails behind major operating systems. This disillusionment must be rectified.

The chrome books are manufactured by major computer companies such as Acer, Samsung, and HP. These companies are big names in the tech industry. These companies cannot make such mistakes while releasing their products. Today, I will be revealing essential drawing apps that Chrome OS has in offline mode.

Here’s a list of the top 5 drawing apps for Chromebook in offline mode.

Top Drawing Apps for Chrome Book:

1. Autodesk Sketchbook.

Sketchbook is a top-rated digital drawing app suitable for both beginners and professionals. This popular app is now available on Chromebook, thanks to Android support. Sketchbook is an excellent choice for full-screen mode. It has a vast canvas, many tools, and layers. It also supports audio feature to enhance moving sketch animation. You can easily use that feature  by connecting airpods to chromebook.

You can use it as an active stylus or reject palms. A sketchbook can be installed on a Chromebook without the need for hacks. You can also get offline support through their Android app.

2. Art Flow.

Art Flow is a great sketching and digital painting app for Android users. It can be easily downloaded to your Chromebook and works flawlessly. This app has a great light conversion rate, meaning there is almost no latency when drawing large areas. You have many options, including different brushes, an opacity slider, and a color picker. art Flow is an excellent sketching application and can be used to start your drawing journey.

3. Infinite Painter.

Infinite Painter can be used as a basic drawing program. Due to the possibility of panning freely from all sides, the latency is low. Infinite Painter offers more than 160 presets for natural brushes and allows you to create your meetings. You can also use layer support, blend modes, and geometric tools such as the line, ellipse, or protractor. The app is very suitable for sketching, drawing, and painting on Chromebook. This app is perfect for beginners.

4. Concepts.

Concepts is a popular drawing app on Android, iOS, and iPad. You can also download this app on Chromebook via the Play Store. It is speedy and provides an unlimited canvas for drawing, sketching, and designing.

Concepts also support tilt and pressure modes, which allow for precise sketching of fine details. There are many drawing tools available, just like every other drawing app. You can also choose from different canvas types to customize the background of your work.

5. Adobe Illustrator Draw/ Adobe Photoshop Drawing.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful painting program that runs on Windows and macOS. Now it’s available on Chromebook. You can download the app directly from the Play Store. This app is for vector drawing. You can draw on a large canvas with multiple brushes, layers, and tools options.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is an excellent choice if you are interested in bitmaps and raster drawing. Both apps run exceptionally well on Chromebook, and both works flawlessly with Chromebook. I highly recommend this app.

Last words:

After hours of research, the list mentioned above was created. We would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

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