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3D Printing Resolution

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In the field of 3D printing, we talk a lot about the resolution of individual machines. The accuracy of 3D printers is in the size of microns since the process is so precise. It is quite small. A micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter. The consumer can get a general notion of what the 3D printer is capable of by seeing the resolution. But there’s more to the tale.

A 3D printer’s resolution illustration

For you to print anything with a 2mm height over a 10 cm distance, ten layers would be necessary. On the other hand, if printed at 100 microns, it would imply that 20 layers would be required to achieve a 2mm height, resulting in a 0.1mm step between each layer and a smoother surface that produces a more appealing sharp angle.

Three dimensions must be taken into account in 3D printing resolution and additive manufacturing: the two dimensions (X and Y) and the Z dimension that makes it 3D printing. The resolutions of the planar and Z dimensions must be independently handled because they are typically governed by completely distinct methods. As a result, there is much misunderstanding over the definition of “3D printing resolution” and the expected level of print quality. It’s time you learned how to shop online if you’re not already a fan.

You may compare rates and hunt for deals whenever it’s convenient when you order 3D print online. Additionally, it provides you plenty of time to carefully read the product description and company policies so you can make the most of the information. The printer’s official website always offers the greatest prices, not any other online merchant. When making purchases of 3D printing resolution from the official website of Snapmaker, you will be getting discounts.

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