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All you Need to Know About 3b Hair

by Darshan Fame
3b hair

3b Hair – What is It

We have to fight the urge of our inner beauty editor to give a standing ovation whenever we see a head full of beautiful, bouncy curls. We are aware of the serious work required to master and maintain curls, even though wearing your hair naturally has never been more fashionable. Without styling products like styling creams, leave-ins, and nourishing oils, a curly head of hair at risk of frizz, knots, and severe dehydration.

Curls, on the other hand, generally fall into one of nine categories, ranging from type 2A (fine, slightly s-shaped waves) to type 4C (tightly coiled, densely packed curls), although no two hairs are exactly alike.

Type 3B can be found somewhere in between the two: curly, springy hair with a lot of volume and frizz. Sound familiar? Follow along for advice from trichologist Bridgette Hill and hairstylist Marilisa Sears on how to take care of type 3B curls.

What is hair of type 3B?

3B curls, according to Sears, have a circumference similar to that of a Sharpie and are described as tight and springy by the hair typing system (which, to be clear, has a long and complicated history).

Hill warns that the hair typing system isn’t perfect because naturally curly hair often has more than one pattern, and different fiber weights can cause different patterns in hair texture.

Due to their position in the middle of the type 3 spectrum, individuals with type 3B curls may exhibit a mixture of 2C, 4A hair type , 3B, and 3C curl patterns. Having said that, for the purposes of this article, we have all agreed to refer to 3B curls as those with moderate frizz and texture and corkscrewed curl patterns that are loose to loose.

How Type 3 Curl Patterns Are Different Simply put, all Type 3 hair is definitely curly. The curls’ volume, texture, and size are then divided into three subcategories: 3A, whose loose, softer curls form an S shape; 3B, whose voluminous, springy curls resemble ringlets; and 3C, which has curls that are tightly wound and stiff.

Sears says that people with 3B hair tend to have a mix of looser spirals and springy corkscrews throughout. They also tend to have a lot of the same characteristics as people with 3A and 3B hair.

Having said that, type 3B hair typically has distinct curl patterns and a lot of volume. Similar to type 3C styles, this hair type has a tendency to shrink from wet to dry and becomes puffy and frizzy when brushed. 3B curls remain coiled regardless of the tool or product used on them, as opposed to 3A hair, which can lose definition and curl depending on how it is styled.

Hill asserts that dehydration and frizz are the most defining characteristics of type 3B hair, regardless of the hair’s texture.

How should Type 3B hair be cared for?

When it comes to the most effective methods of hair care for type 3B hair, both experts concur:

Layer products to build and hold moisture. Avoid heat as much as possible. Use lightweight leave-in products to avoid weighing hair down.

Develop (and stick to) a comprehensive daily care and protection plan. Good products and protective care are most important for keeping 3B curls. Layering products on the scalp will help build and retain moisture. Layer is the most crucial word in this context.

MEET THE EXPERT Bridgette Hill is the founder of Root Cause Scalp Analysis and a licensed trichologist.
Marilisa Sears is a specialist and hairstylist who has led Marc Anthony True Professional Haircare for more than 25 years as artistic director.

Hill recommends adhering to a pre-shampoo oil treatment before each shampoo and pointing out that all deep masks should be applied to dry, dirty hair before washing it. To help define curls with minimal to no frizz, both professionals recommend layering a rich shampoo and conditioner in a variety of ways.

Hill also gave this advice: To properly hydrate hair, look for products that contain oils, fatty acids, and hyaluronic acid. To reduce damage and dryness, color, sulfates, heat, and chemical treatments should be avoided as much as possible.

Curls can last longer with hair that is more hydrated and moisturized, and less hair washing is never bad for curls. According to both specialists, in order to accomplish this, a leave-on hydrator is essential for preventing dryness and frizz. Apply a light leave-in conditioner first, then a product designed specifically for curls (such as cream, milk, etc.).

After washing their hair, people with coarser hair should use a curl cream, but Sears recommends using a less dense product like a mousse or lotion for finer hair. Regardless, choose products with light textures to prevent curls from becoming weighed down and losing their definition. To seal in the hydration, add a layer of light oil last.

Last but not least, a hair wash’s life can be extended only by giving it daily care and protection. Hill recommends creating a sleep hair routine, which includes protecting hair in loose buns or braids or investing in satin or silk pillowcases, as well as lightly moisturizing hair with a product of your choice between washes.

The Best Haircuts and Styles for Type 3B Hair

Because Type 3B hair can look fake when wet, Hill recommends cutting it dry. As a result, you’ll be able to work with distinct curl patterns, proportions, and textures. Hairstyles for 3b hair looks amazing with highlights.

According to Sears, you can really go as long or as short as you want with type 3B curls because they are fairly adaptable. She suggests including layers that are longer for longer lengths to create movement and body. She adds that adding a lot of layers gives curls a truly timeless shape and adds sophistication to shorter cuts around the collarbone.

Type 3B curls look amazing air-dried when properly hydrated. After the shower, style your hair using the plopping technique and try to avoid using heat, which, according to both experts, will make frizz worse and damage your hair. A loose ponytail with a puffed-up top keeps hair away from the face and reduces frizz between wash days.

The Best Products for Type 3B Hair

Sears claims that this is one of the very best products available for curly girls. For a quick and easy curl prep, she suggests generously saturating clean, wet hair with it from the roots to the ends and gently scrunching it. Use good quality conditioner and shampoo that benefits your hair growth.
In between washes, this water-based mist revives hair without weighing it down. Spray the curls and resculpt them with your fingers as necessary. In addition, the brand’s signature scent is infused into it to maintain a fresh scent in the hair.

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