Top 4 Event Solution Platforms

The following review highlights the features of four event solution platforms: GEVME, Eventcube, Airmeet, and Filo. All offer a variety of tools for the organization of meetings and events. These platforms include 1:1 and group video meetings, sponsored products, password-less login experience, and real-time lead dashboards. They are easy to use, incorporate 360-degree welcome pages, and offer a drag-and-drop venue-building experience.

splash studio media

Splash is a streaming event platform for marketing and communications. The venue was built to help event creators produce high-quality video content, focusing on attention to detail, branding, and a beautiful design. Splash does not have its production studio, but it does provide robust marketing tools that allow event creators to customize the look and feel of the video.

The platform offers a variety of features, including event marketing tools, virtual event platforms, native engagement tools, and integrated video streaming. The three main options include Studio+, Studio Custom, and Splash Studio. All three options come with an impressive set of features that help you organize your next event.

Splash provides virtual, in-person, and hybrid event experiences. Users can choose from various features, including building branded marketing templates, event pages, and customized emails. The platform also helps marketers track ROI and measure the true business impact of events.

Another popular solution is Hopin. This hybrid event platform is built on HTML5, with enterprise-grade security. Moreover, it provides a smooth mobile experience. Attendees can participate in a conference, a trade show, or a meeting from their phone or tablet. Furthermore, it helps event organizers engage attendees with custom virtual booths and real-time chat features. This tool also allows organizations to upload marketing collateral before the event, making it easier for them to make an impact on their audience.


Eventcube is a well-rounded software that offers a variety of features to help you manage your events and promote your brand. Its customizable design allows you to showcase your brand and overlay sponsored content to create a unique event experience. Even better, you can integrate your virtual event experience into your website. This gives you the look and feel of having built it yourself.

Another great feature of Eventcube is its ability to streamline ticketing, membership, and white-labeling processes. This feature makes it possible to host online events, conferences, concerts, and more. You can customize your ticketing store to offer your guests a customized experience. Eventcube also allows you to collect demographic information about your audience, track your membership renewal patterns, and create customized reports.

Eventcube also allows you to accept payments through debit cards and digital wallets. This feature will enable attendees to make payments before, during, or after the event. This allows you to collect money back, during, and after the event and maximize your revenue. The system also provides accurate real-time reporting.

If you are looking for a complete event solution platform, Eventcube is one of the top choices. The platform includes virtual networking, ticketing, registration, and live chat. You can even white-label your brand’s platform, making it perfect for event planning.

Another excellent option for hosting virtual events is Zoom. This platform allows you to host webinars and virtual events. It even has breakout rooms, allowing you to manage smaller groups. Zoom can accommodate up to 150 people, and the platform is white-label, enabling you to brand it as your own. It also offers features like ticketing and registration, live chat, and social media wall.

The Flex app allows you to customize the website for your event. This feature helps your attendees personalize the experience on your website. Other notable features include the ability to create custom email invites and the ability to schedule custom meetings.


Airmeet has an easy-to-use interface that makes managing events a breeze. It can handle significant events with multiple speakers and allows attendees to join the stage with a simple click. It also supports large amounts of content and allows for the flow of information over extended hours. This platform does not require downloads or software drop-offs and is compatible with multinational brands and nonprofit organizations.

Besides making it easy for community managers to organize events, Airmeet offers powerful tools to manage recordings on the cloud. This can help extend the life of content by making it available for audiences who could not attend the live event. Ultimately, this helps expand the network and increase visibility.

With Airmeet, users can access and participate in events from anywhere in the world. This platform is also used for webinars and presentations over the Internet. The interactive nature of the platform allows users to share documents, live stream a webinar, and record it. They are an effective way to generate leads and engage participants in real-time.

A wide range of features allows event organizers to build their events. Moreover, a mobile app can replicate the desktop experience, while personalized QR codes can help attendees record their ideas and thoughts. Other features include an analytics dashboard, an integration with CRM, and a password-less login experience through an OTP.

This cloud-based platform offers a hybrid event solution that can handle meetings, conferences, and virtual events. It allows organizers to customize and measure the outcomes of these events. Moreover, users can customize the software to suit their specific needs. The platform also offers powerful tools for gamification and group and 1:1 networking. Besides, the platform is secured and offers prompt responses to queries.

Airmeet offers multiple features to help event organizers make their events better. It provides customizable agendas, custom badges, and social media integrations. The platform also offers an analytics dashboard to measure event success. Users can also view onsite and online lead tracking.


Filo is a virtual event solution platform that provides collaboration tools, productivity tools, and a customizable environment. Filo also helps organizers manage multiple virtual meetings, events, and teams. It facilitates interactive events that drive engagement and investment. The platform is branded and allows users to create custom events that meet the needs of their team. Additionally, Filo helps event planners monitor engagement levels and initiate conversations with attendees.

Filo is a popular event solution platform that boasts more than one million registered attendees in more than 100 countries. It offers an essential subscription for $99 per month and more advanced plans with more features and administrators. Its easy-to-use features and a high return on investment have earned it high marks with clients.

Filo can handle virtually any type of event. It offers everything from registration to event day coverage and also features email marketing automation and integration. It also allows event planners to create customized app apps for mobile devices. It is best for large-scale events, but it’s also suitable for smaller events.

As one of the top 4 event solution platforms, Filo can help you manage your virtual events. It also offers features that can make virtual events more user-friendly, such as muting microphones and raising hands. Moreover, it also provides the ability to run multiple live streams simultaneously. Different platforms have different prices, depending on the features they offer. To choose an excellent virtual event solution platform, it’s essential to make sure that the price is transparent and predictable.

Filo provides an all-in-one event solution platform. The platform provides real-time monitoring of attendee activities, including check-in and check-out. The integrated features of Filo include registration and ticketing and the ability to streamline guest flow.

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