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20 Humbling SEO Facts, Figures, and Stats, Courtesy of an eCommerce SEO Company

by Team Techvilly

Every year, some wise-crackin’ content producer at some agency says “SEO is dead.” Subsequently, 50% of the industry jumps on the bandwagon just to get clicks, and the other 50% holds the honorable line, since, after, SEO is not dead, and has not once, through all those years of declaration or fanfare, so much as flagged. 

Let these SEO facts, figures, and stats, dredged up from the wisdom of a collection of eCommerce SEO companies, be a testament to that. 

● Google, Google Images, and Google Maps (so basically just Google) account for almost 93% of all online searches. 
● Google owns almost 92% of all search engine market share. 
● Over 50% of all web traffic is organic in origin. Paid search drives only about 27%.
● Every minute, there are over 3.8 million Google searches. 
● The average typical internet user submits 4 Google searches per day. 
● Depending on which figures you trust, as many as 80% of online shoppers specifically ignore the paid search listings. Up to 28% of online shoppers only trust organic search results. 
● Up to 94% of all clicks land on an organic search result.
● Up to 46% of all searches on Google involve a search for a local business or service. 
● As many as a quarter of all small business websites don’t even have H1 tags configured. (Is yours one? Better check!)
● The first organic mobile listing will receive as much as 27% of all clicks. 
● Almost a quarter of all eCommerce orders begin with an organic search. 
● Long-form content (a vital component of SEO!) receives almost 80% more backlinks than short-form articles and other short content. 
● Organic search engine traffic is ten times higher than organic search traffic through social media – let that be a lesson to all those who are spreading the social media gospel! 
● Almost half of all online shoppers will consume three to five pieces of published content before reaching out to a company’s sales staff. 
● Half of all search queries contain 4 words or more – a big opportunity for eCommerce SEO companies and their clients that are not focusing on long tail keywords! 
● Sources report conflicting figures, but most agree that the first search engine results page will get anywhere from 92% to 99%(!) of all clicks. Page two, by contrast, gets only about .75% of all clicks. 
● A full three-quarters of internet users will not even proceed past the first page of results! 
● For whatever reason, the better your organic rankings, the lower your bounce rate (should) be according to user behavior statics. Apparently, on average, websites in the top three organic positions have bounce rates below 50%. This could be attributable to the quality of content on the page or meeting search intent. 
● Nearly a third of all searches for something local end up with a purchase of some sort. 
● Finally – almost half of all internet users (49%) are using voice search for “general searches.” Expect voice search optimization to become a central part of SEO in general in the years to come. 

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